Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fortune Cookie Drawing

This drawing was inspired by the fortunes in fortune cookies. At first I wasn't inspired by any of the fortunes I got so I started doodling a random girl. But I started getting ideas along the way and added the elements of the fortunes into the drawing. The girl represents the fortune "you constantly struggle for self improvement". The black represents all of the bad and negative traits while normal part of her represents the new and improved version of her. The halo represents the progress of self improvement. I got two fortunes about time. One is " the time is right to make new friends" and "it's better to have a hen tomorrow than an egg today". I noticed that both of these fortunes kind of contradict each other since one is about patience while the other is about doing something now. So on the right there is a clock that has a check mark on it to show the right time is now. On the left shows another clock but having an hour glass and three dots above it. The hour glass and the dots represents waiting. If you look at the drawing as a whole, it represents that it takes time improve certain parts of yourself.


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