Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Time capsule

Creating the art on the time capsule was a lot of fun for me. There were no limits to what I could draw so I really enjoyed it. As for the contents in the time capsule, I had a hard time figuring out what I should put in the box. Talking about myself is already pretty difficult for me and to select items that represent me is even worse. I did put several things in my time capsule but I'm not going to list every thing in the time capsule.
Grease the Musical Ticket- a few months ago I went to see the musical Grease at my high school. I put this in the time capsule because Grease is one of my favorite musicals, the show was great and I had a great time.
Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Tin Mints: the tin is very small and it used to have mints until I threw them out. I bought this when I went to my first anime convention. I had a fantastic time there and I will never forget it. The tin is suppose to represent my love for anime and the Legend of Zelda.
Pop Art Stamp and Prints: earlier in the school year, I made a pop art stamp of a legend of Zelda tin lunch box and a few prints with the stamp. I decided to put the stamp and a few of the prints in the time capsule because I love the legend of Zelda and I enjoyed the pop art assignment. 

Time capsule:






  1. Hello Elle, I like your box because it shows what you enjoy and and is very creative.

  2. Eli you're too good of an artist, we need to have an intervention. But seriously that is so awesome!